Algerian Genocide By France

France invaded Algeria in 1830 and it remained under French rule until independence in 1962.

The number of people killed in the eight-year independence war from 1954-1962 varies widely according to different sources, ranging from 300,000 to more than 1,5 million.

In 1957 the International Red Cross disclosed the widespread use of torture by the french army and police against thousands of Algerians. After that, information about the french treatment of Algerians became available to the wider public. The torture techniques used by the french included electricity applied to the most sensitive parts of the body, near drowning in water, sodomy with glass and wood objects, hanging by the feet and hands, and burning with cigarettes.

Approximately 1.5 million Algerian Muslim Arabs were tortured and massacred under the french rule. According to the Algerian sources 1.5 million dead, while french officials estimated it at 350,000.

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